Integration and Migration

Control Systems Integration

Aces provides expert and reliable control systems integration services, including:

  • Process Automation – Process control programming and configuration, process data management and historian configuration, System implementation
  • HMI Software Design – Graphical hardware and software migration, apply current high performance HMI standards to develop new systems, Support client development of guidelines and documentation for HMI development
  • Control System Migration – Select technology to replace and outperform the limited functionality of clients legacy system, leverage experience to integrate latest and legacy technology allowing client to migrate systems in phased approach, utilize project methods to execute construction and commissioning to minimize downtime
  • Industrial Networking – design and specify IO networking, system to system integration and communication, control system to historian integration, system and historian to enterprise networking

Legacy Control System Migration

Legacy or out-of-date control systems can significantly impact your bottom line due to lost efficiency and profitability. Solutions for automation, migration, and upgrades to control systems can significantly improve your facility’s capabilities.

Migration is a cost-effective solution to optimize existing investments, to enhance enterprise-wide information sharing, and to ensure that the control systems at the heart of your facility are reliable and sustainable, ensuring the health of your plant.

The experienced electrical designers and engineers at Aces can assess your old control system, design an innovative and efficient solution, and implement the upgrade with minimal downtime to your operations.